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Wholesale Jewellery order management system 2021

Improve Your Wholesale Jewellery Business with The Best Wholesale Jewellery Order & Inventory Management System

whole sale jewellery order management system 2021

Why DMS V1 - Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System 2021

Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System

Reason One

One Time Purchase

Yes! you heard it right. This is a lifetime licensed product. Pay once* and use it forever.

Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System

Reason Two

Unlimited Product Catalogue

Again you read it right. There is no limitations for product uploading.  You can add, remove and hold any number of products at any time.

What is DMS v1 Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System ?

wholesale jewellery order management system

DMS V1 – Dealer Management System is an online software developed by Old Dream Creation for wholesale jewellery manufacturers for their dealer order management. Every manufactures hold thousands of products. Traditionally they present their products in printed catalogue and take orders manually. This takes lot of effort and time to close the business which can be done at ease. DMS V1 solves this problem and improves your business multifold. Now you can present your catalogue online to your dealers and the order can be done thru DMS. Your designs will safe and secured from public and your competitors. There are many features included, keep reading to find it.

Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System

Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System

Jewellery wholesale is a growing, competitive system. in which according the current improving and innovating age the challenges are not only from other jewellery wholesalers but also from the manufacturers who are now into online sales channels for a better reach and communication among their retailers and even the customer end.

and now it is up to us about challenging our self with the competition and bringing out the best in us. So now for the challenge, you have the best experience and expertise in this market, that’s unquestionable. You may have the best jewellery line-up as well, but isn’t that how usually everyone communicate, you are the most organised jewellery wholesaler ever who can fulfil any incoming orders in almost no time, but do u think this is enough to show your best in the competition?, we don’t.

People consider technology as a fun or a cool thing, but it isn’t for the jewellery wholesalers. Technology is made use in a proficient way amongst the wholesalers, it helps them to run their business in a more efficient, organised and a productive way. In this technology the repetitive tasks are automated while the communication between the wholesalers and the retailers are shortened, and this results in freeing up valuable time, so that the customers can be served faster and in a more professional way.

Do you have a business that growing more than 30% but with the same number of employees?, no worries, the entire business process can be simplified with the growing technology.


We love our customers and your success is vital to our business

DMS V1 Features

Calling or faxing the orders might still exist for, let's give it a year or two maybe, but nothing more. With the DMS V1 software they can login at any place and any time and place order instantly.

DMS V1 - Whole Sale Jewellery Order Management System 2021is loaded with lot's of features to make your order and catalogue system more user friendly and seamless. Check out all the features.

Different Login

Yes! You are correct. We provide different logins for Admin, Product Manager, Order Manager and Gold rate manager. Only then admin will have the access to access all the features while the others may have the access according to their limitations.

Customer Manager

Only registered users can access your catalogue. That is you have to create the username and passwords for your customers. Common visitors cant access the site or products without login details.

Highly Secured

State of the art server and SSL makes DMS V1 the most secured online software. Every IP will be registered and monitored on a regular basis. And a backend log will be provided for your reference.

Customer Management

The details of your customers can be accessed easily. Which allows the customers to purchase from you, and have all their information’s in hand.

Value or Weight

You want your dealers to order products in grams or you want them to order based on value? Choice is yours. You can set your catalogue either weight based or value based.

Gold Rate Update

Never miss a penny. If you are using value based cart, you can update gold rate every minute and product cost will be updated to the current rate for all the products.


DMS V1 allows you to set the price of the product from the highest or even the lowest, and provides various pricing options to ensure the movement of the product. In a business it is always necessary to set the price according to the demand, availability, and most importantly the trend. Our software helps you to set the rate and that helps by minimising the risk of errors made by humans which save a lot of time.

Extensive Filters

Do You have 1000’s of products? No worries DMS V1 provides an extensive product filtering, which helps your dealers to find the right product easily.

Automatically Create Invoices

DMS V1 automatically creates and generates PDF invoices For every order that’s been place by your customers.

Self-Service Order Tracking

Your customers will be provided with the access to their personal online portal to track and find out the status of every order that they have placed.

Re-Orders In One Click

In DMS V1, “reorder these items” feature allows the customers to restock their items that they regularly order.

Real-Time Inventory Levels

Its’s better not to sell anything that you do have, track inventory option automatically informs the buyers about the stock that’s available.

Order Management

Your customers will be provided with the access to their personal online portal to track and find out the status of every order that they have placed.


If there is any special requirement for your wholesale jewellery business in your eCommerce portal, we’ll provide you with a built in custom  wholesale solution feature to meet all your wholesale needs and requirements.

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Inventory Management

DMS V1, allows you to keep your stock levels always in check. And as the next step is for u to track all the products that’s are ought to be sold, better selling price can be set whenever you want, and helps you to have a better analysis of your stock rate.


Our Whole sale jewellery Order management System provides you with a feature of automatically generating essentials like order invoices, pick list, and packing slips. And Based on the payment method that the customer choose a fully detailed invoice will be automatically sent.

Order Analytics

In any business Analysis plays a vital role, it explains you about the performance or in other words the sales of your store. Our system makes sure that your company analysis is always on the tip of your fingers whenever necessary.

Wholesale Jewellery Order Management System


An classic jewellery wholesale business never reaches its best, you want to know why?. Its because of the growth of the busines and the expectancy of being more than the best. So in an jewellery whole sale business, the success always lays on the best jewellery quality and an exemptional customer service, and now both of these can be easily handled by our DMS V1. DMS helps you the keep track of the jewellery available in your store, while it improves your sales by adding in the best images of your stock, and allows you to add anything that’s required to present the product. All of the details added in the DMS V1 will be automatically synced in all of your e-commerce platforms like shopify (if you have one for regular sales) which allows you to access all of it at the same time. And this helps you in saving the time that’s spent a lot in double counting of the stock.

You Know You Can


Our software allows you to record all of your customer history, which means you can anytime analyse your customer likings and preferences. it helps you in understanding the demand of a product and produce them accordingly. which will quite make your customer
Like the service and purchase again from you. DMS allows you to view the billing details of your customer, the products they purchased, their postal address, the sizes, types of jewellery and all, in a common portal which makes the order management process easier.

You Know


DMS allows you to have a full on view of you wholesale stock, and lets you see the products that are been segregated on the bases of colour, size, material type, price, and all the other specifications. DMS V1 process the transactions swiftly, layaways and tracks borders. It also helps you in creating the best user profile for you retailers (customers ) and puts all the information’s in one place, which is essential for the sales of wholesale jewelry business.


Whole Sale Jewellery Product


DMS V1 was first created in 2011 by Dream Creation for one of the biggest wholesale jewellery manufacture in Coimbatore. The jewellery wholesaler customer was struggling to exhibit their product catalogue because they had huge number of products. This time when the project was handed over to Dream Creation. Dream Creation was handling the clients server and internal mailing system.

At this period of time technology limitation was high. But Dream Creation with its top class designers and talented developers executed the project and floated it for testing. After successful testing, the project was made live and monitored it for 5 Years.

Even today the project hold 10000+ products and successfully running with 100+ dealers. In 2017 Dream Creation launched the project into product. DMS was born and later upgraded to DMS V1.

Hope as a whole sale jewellery manufacturer, this is what you are looking for. Why waiting, call us now for a demo.

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Dream Creation © 2021. All Rights Reserved. Made in India.

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