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we are a business designer
based in TN. we absolutely love finding
creative ideas for your business dream.

Often when people hear “branding,” they immediately consider logos. The reality is that logos are just one expression of brand—albeit the part that always becomes most recognisable and memorable. But there’s tons of deep thinking and process that goes into a full branding project that the overwhelming majority of individuals never get to ascertain. It involves, research, brand conceptualisation, creating visual identity and rollout strategy.

Brand is an authentic expression of your company call at the world—built on the inspiration of your perspective and your personality.

At ODC, we believe that in order to articulate your brand in the most authentic, future-proof way possible, you must start on a firm foundation that’s grounded in research. If branding were an iceberg, research would be the large frozen mass beneath the surface that nobody ever cares. Positioning comes as close on the heels of research as possible, and may take a few of iterations to nail perfectly. But getting this part right is significant to the success and longevity of subsequent deliverable – the brand story.

Story is your brand’s poetic raison d’être and we are experts in that. We firmly believe that the strongest brands come to life at the intersection of story and design. A brand’s visual identity is that the simplest possible expression of whom you actually are as a corporation. It’s what everyone will get to understand and recognize as you. It’s the representation of your brand that folks will eventually decline a shirt and crave on branded swag. So all of that groundwork- research, positioning, story, messaging -culminates to tell and shape your visual identity.

business ideas
Come let’s

make others fall in love with your dream!

But we are not done! Project designing involves another step ahead.

You need to be strategic about introducing your new brand to the world that involves figuring out how, when, and where to announce the new brand – game decide to end any remaining legacy brand materials.

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